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Keenan Harris combines over twenty years of industry experience in landscaping, plumbing and building to both create innovative ideas and produce incredible results for your outdoor environment. Keenan’s priority is in the technical detail and superior workmanship, delivering precision throughout all aspects of each project undertaken. Keenan’s skilled hand also puts him as one of the top specialist concreters in the country, receiving commissions locally, nationally and from around the globe.

His passion for architecture, design and natural creative flair puts him, as a builder, in a league of his own. He invents, designs and has the technical background which not only enables him to push our designs to the limit, but bring the concepts to life.



Concrete by Keenan Harris specialises in the construction of intricate in-situ concrete features in a wide range of finishes. Director Keenan Harris is simply a master with concrete. There is no end to what he can do.

We work with select Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers and Construction teams to create high end custom concrete features for your projects. We bring concrete form to intangible desires for you and your clients.


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